Canadians have spoken: ban strychnine and other deadly poisons now before another animal dies in agony

Scientific experts align with animal protection and conservation groups to urge Health
Canada to cease ineffective and inhumane approach to animal control

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REBUTTAL LETTER: Oversimplification on caribou-wolf plan a dangerous weapon

May 23, 2019

Wolf Awareness presents an alternate perspective rooted in ecology and a broader view on the history of post-colonial manipulation of nature in North America.

March 14, 2019

Sadie Parr and Michael Bloomfield "What the authors are essentially saying is it is better to save the species than to protect the ecosystem. No ecosystem is safe when more than a dozen non-target species are killed by baited snares and strychnine strewn across the landscape ostensibly to save caribou."

'Worst ways to die:' Ottawa asks if cruelty should be weighed in wildlife toxins

February 20, 2019

The federal government is asking if Canadians are still OK with killing wildlife in what one scientist calls "one of the worst ways to die on earth."

CBC Edmonton - 'Indiscriminate killer': New documentary condemns poisoning of Alberta wolves

December 03, 2018

New documentary Poisoned Earth takes an in-depth look at Alberta's use of poison to cull wolves. (Dawn Villella/Associated Press)

An Alberta government program intended to cull wolves and protect endangered caribou herds inadvertently poisons too many other animals, a filmmaker says.

Andrew Budziak is the producer of Poisoned Earth, a new documentary that takes a critical view of  Alberta's wolf cull practices, which include the use of lethal snares, leghold traps, aerial shooting and strychnine poisoning.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - Wolves valuable part of ecosystems

November 16, 2018

A recent Free Press story ("Wolves feasting on cattle: ‘A huge problem,’" on Oct. 31) requires more of a science-based perspective.

HUFFPOST - There's Nothing Legitimate About Killing Canada's Iconic Wolves

January 08, 2018

Outdated policies continue to permit the brutal killing of one of the most intelligent, sentient and family oriented non-human animals that walk the planet.

The JASPER LOCAL - Conservation groups want public to wake up to inhumane wolf killings

November 17, 2017

Sadie Parr, Executive Director of Wolf Awareness, based in Golden, B.C., wants the public to know that the Alberta government is poisoning wolves in the name of caribou protection, but the program is neither effective nor humane.

“Indiscriminate killing is no form of wildlife management,” Parr said.

Since 2005, 190 wolves in the Little Smoky area have been poisoned by strychnine, a deadly and notoriously painful toxic alkaloid which attacks the neurological system and causes violent convulsions before death by asphyxiation. A coalition of conservation groups are sounding the alarm that the Alberta government sanctioned those cruel killings instead of tackling the real problem: habitat erosion by resource extraction.

CBC CALGARY - Using poison to cull wolves in Alberta is inhumane, says animal advocacy group

November 07, 2017

Alberta's use of poison as a way to cull wolves is inhumane and kills too many other animals inadvertently. 


Numbers obtained by Wolf Awareness Inc. through the Freedom of Information Act show about 1,200 wolves have been culled since the population control program began in 2005.

About 250 other animals have also been accidentally poisoned, according to the Alberta government.

HUFFINGTON POST - Canada Must Stop Poisoning Predators, Pets And Other Wildlife

October 26, 2017

Nothing could have prepared Cristina Blackmore for what was to happen that summer afternoon.


Her beloved border collie, Dulce, was busy chasing ground squirrels in the horse corral next to their house. Suddenly Dulce ran to her and dropped to the ground, writhing in massive convulsions. The veterinarian arrived 15 minutes later but nothing could be done: Dulce died in Christina's arms as her grandchildren looked on in tears.


November 06, 2017

Using poisons and firearms in wolf cull

Coalition of organizations launch campaign to ban 3 deadly wildlife poisons

October 29, 2017

As a coordinated action during Wolf Awareness Week (Oct 16-22 2017),environmental and animal organizations launched the #PoisonFree campaign to encourage Canadians to urge Health Minister Honourable Ginette Petitpas Taylor to immediately remove 3 highly toxic poisons from the Canadian landscape.


Strychnine, Compound 1080 and sodium cyanide are deadly to all warm-blooded animals but are used primarily to kill wolves and coyotes.

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