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TOGETHER we can make more noise

Photo courtesy of Peter A. Dettling 

Two highly toxic poisons are still registered in Canada to kill wolves, coyotes, bears and other species.


Not only are Strychnine and Compound 1080 inhumane killers, with symptoms being extremely painful and prolonged before death, but they're indiscriminate. Hundreds of non-target birds and mammals (including pets) continue to be poisoned as "collateral damage".

There are things we can do to help ban the use of poisons in Canada. Your voices were heard loudly when the recent decision was made to discontinue the use of liquid strychnine to kill  Richardson’s ground squirrels.

Here on you'll find current information and ideas for amplifying our voices and making change. Together we can make more noise.



Ban Poisons

In Canada, long-outdated policies continue to allow the use of reckless and violent poisons to kill wildlife.


End Government wolf kill programs

COming Soon!

Wolf kill programs in western Canada are unwarranted, inhumane and unethical.


We are a collection of individuals and organizations coming together to make a difference for animals, conservation and the environment.

On wehowl we post information, campaigns and calls to action:

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Together our voices can be heard!

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