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Join the growing collection of individuals and organizations coming together to make a difference for animals, conservation and the environment.

Here we provide information, campaigns and calls to action. Together we can amplify our voices and help make change.

Photo courtesy of Peter A. Dettling 

CURRENT Campaigns

Help us end Wolf kill programs in western Canada.
They are unwarranted, inhumane and unethical.



Stop Aerial Gunning

Alberta and British Columbia are aerially-gunning wolves (shooting from helicopters) each winter, under the false guise of caribou conservation, while continuing to allow industry and recreation to destroy the habitat caribou require to survive.

Illustration of wolf killed by aerial gunning


Ban Compound 1080 Poison

Compound 1080 is an inhumane and indiscriminate poison still registered in Canada to kill wolves and coyotes. Not only are symptoms extremely painful and prolonged before death but 1080 kills hundreds of unintended birds and mammals (including pets) as "collateral damage".

Illustration of a wolf inside a poison bottle


More and more individuals and organizations are coming together to share resources and amplify efforts.

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