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Numerous jurisdictions around the world
have banned Compound 1080 due to the potential threats of this highly toxic substance.

Compound 1080 and all its derivatives should be banned from Canada, with an immediate moratorium placed on its use and handling until this is achieved.
Compound 1080

The case against poisoning Canada's wildlife.

Executive Summary

Sodium Monofluoroace, commonly called Sodium fluoroacetate or Compound 1080 is one of the most toxic poisons used in Canadian farming. Regulated under the federal Pest Control Products Act (PCPA) it is currently authorized for use as a predacide in Alberta to kill wolves and coyotes which are suspected of livestock depredation.

The poison is available in 5 mg tablets which are placed in meat baits set out to attract the predator(s).
Clearly, many animals are attracted to meat baits, including dogs.
Compound 1080 has also been intentionally used to poison rodents and rabbits and does not discriminate among its animal victims.

Check out this recent publication: Indiscriminate, Inhumane and Irresponsible: Compound 1080 Is No Longer an Acceptable Form of Wildlife Management

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