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Wolf 2.JPG
Wolf 2.JPG
Poisoned wolf

Wolf carcass poisoned by strychnine being fed on by many other scavengers. It was seen two days in a row completely eaten up so not recovered.  


How many animals died  after eating this wolf? 



Strychnine bait pile showing poisoned raven that was eaten by a fox (fox tracks and feather pile) in Alberta's Little Smoky range.

poisoned raven eaten by fox.jpg
POISON sign, alberta


Poison sign found on the ground near strychnine bait pile in Alberta's Little Smoky range.

Poison warning sign.jpg
bait pile covered in snow


Winter snow storms come in and cover poison bait area.  NOTHING is visible in these weather conditions. How much is left unseen and fed on later?

poison bait pile.jpg
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