Help end western Canada's Wolf Killing Programs under the guise of caribou recovery.

Wolves in Canada are running out of places to hide. Since 2005 in Alberta,more than 2,000 wolves have been killed under the guise of protecting Alberta’s Little Smoky Caribou herd in habitat 95% disturbed by oil and gas infrastructure.  


Wolves were killed in strangling snares, gunned down from helicopters and poisoned with Strychnine. Numbers obtained from internal Alberta government documents reveal that snares killed a minimum of 676 other animals, including 2 caribou. There is no way to estimate how many non-target animals died of strychnine poisoning and associated actions. Wolves are poisoned using pieces of carrion laced with strychnine which are placed around elk and moose carcasses killed for draw-baits.

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The opinions collected will be used to inform Canadian ministers on how people feel about wolf kill programs in general, and about killing methods, in particular. 

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ABOUT the British columbia wolf kill program
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The BC government has been directing an unwarranted and inhumane wolf kill program ostensibly to protect declining caribou populations.

And now the wolf kill has been expanded to a 3rd region - the Revelstoke area.

Even more wolves will die in unspeakable ways, for no reason.

The real culprit driving caribou to extinction is habitat loss. 

The BC government knowingly allows this to happen by inviting logging, access roads and motorized recreational activities into critical caribou habitat. 

Aerial gunning and strangling neck snares are equally inhumane. 


It is nearly impossible to deliver a lethal shot to an animal that’s being chased by a helicopter. 

Wolves caught in snares suffer too - their very physiology and the many uncontrollable conditions in the field result in severe injuries that last from several hours to days. No animal should have to experience such agony.

Wolves are inherently and intrinsically valuable.

Killing hundreds of one species to benefit a few of another is unethical.

There is a lack of scientific evidence that wolf kill programs increase caribou populations. 

In fact, killing wolves and other predators over a prolonged period has major ecological repercussions, negatively impacting both plants and animals in the ecosystem.


Email, call, text or howl to your BC MLA.  

Asking them to raise the issue at the provincial level is one of the best ways to provoke change.

Find your BC MLA here.

You can also contact these government representatives directly:

Jonathan Wilkinson Federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change 

The Honourable Premier John Horgan 

The Honourable Doug Donaldson Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations  

The Honourable George Heyman, Minister of Environment 

Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver 

And don't forget to cc:

Stephen Hureau – Species at Risk Special Projects – Environment and Climate Change Canada